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Are you a Gaia Consort fan? Specifically, are you a Sue Tinney fan? Do you sit on the edge of your seat during concerts, stretching your ears for those sweet, sweet harmonies? Do you fantasize about the day when Sue sings lead? Do you not hesitate to point out that while your adoration of Saint Crispy (the inimitable Mr. B., patron saint of ex-acid-heads) knows no bounds, neither does your admiration for the dulcet tones of the equally inimitable Sue? For you, here's a community for the gentle worship of Sue. Not to embarrass her, mind you, just so that we can all gather together and maybe giggle a little bit.

I started this community as a lark, and a way to show appreciation for Sue, who sometimes forgets how truly amazing she is. This is a place for joy and light and merriment. Trolling and flamewars will be merrily doused. Please be kind to one another and especially to Sue!