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Thoughts on Faerieworlds [Aug. 2nd, 2006|05:20 pm]
More Sue!


What a time! Incredible people, lots dancing, amazing dress and the energy of the space created there was just supremely friendly. Playing in front of two to four thousand people is a thing I could get to like.

We made some new freinds and re-connected with old ones - having Jarrod Kaplan and Ben Klein from Trillian Green sit in with us was extremly cool. I'm looking forward to hearing the recording.

Coming home, it was both good and bad. Back into the pool of rage and the culture wars, the media shouting, the continuing psychotic break of Occupied America. I want my country back - you know, the one where we had some disagreements, but where people at least *pretended* that everyone ought to get a fair shake? Am I just veiwing the past with rose colored glasses?

It seems so important to show our colors now and resist the urge to slip into camiflouge. The lovely waitress at the pancake place with a tasteful double peircing on one side of the nostril - hand her the sampler, or another at another place, seeing the titles "Oh, "Beltane Fires" and "Drawing Down the Moon" - COOL!"

There were so many good bands this year - Emilo did indeed ask us back, so it's on the books. But we need something of this quality closer to home. Really. Faerieworlds is truly it's own niche, wonderfully inclusive, but still wonderfully very much "alternative culture." I have some ideas for and event here, maybe around Darwin Day.

Next big thing on the horizon: Meydenbauer Center, October 14th. Wait till you hear the stuff we're recording between now and then. Kan Nal (go see these guys!!!!) in a kind of inspirational sense, threw down the down the "groove gauntlet." At one point I put my hand on the ground to check and see if the earth was really shaking - it was just my chest cavity. But now we have a bench mark to shoot for...

Love to All,